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    A blended learning program, this mobile-friendly delivery means that you can learn wherever you want - over half the lessons can even be delivered on your smartphone!

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    Lessons are delivered to you on an "on demand" basis. Coaching and assessment sessions are organized at your convenience to accommodate your schedule.

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    This program is a rich blend of videos, practical simulations, audio, text, one-on-one assessments and individual coaching sessions. Every learning style is addressed by this "high tech, high touch" training program.

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What clients say...

by Don Sayers

Strongly Recommend

by Don Sayers

Stephen is one of a small handful of true professionals in a very important construction safety niche. He has demonstrated a very deep commitment to excellence in his craft​ and is always seeking innovative means of improving the learning and retention of his services. I'd strongly recommend him to anyone in the industry.
by Brad Wade

Highly Knowledgeable

by Brad Wade

I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough as an instructor….I am not a scaffolder by trade, but knowing what you need for your own work scope and being able to communicate that with the erection crew is invaluable for safety, utility, and overall cost/competitiveness...Stephen's hands-on​ instruction has provided me and my teams with a strategic competitive advantage….Stephen’s no-nonsense approach to scaffolding was an eye-opener….Highly approachable. Highly knowledgeable. An industry magnate.
by Keon Patey

Great Training Experience

by Keon Patey

The feedback that I have received from the employees that attended these courses have all been positive. "Great training experience," "trainer knows the subject matter" is just a couple of the many positive comments that I have heard about his training and training techniques.​ Stephen Pike has a passion for Scaffolding and takes pride in what he does, it shows in the training that he provides and the atmosphere that he creates during his training courses. I would definitely recommend Stephen Pike to anyone and everyone.
by Christer Hogne

Honest and Sincere Answers

by Christer Hogne

Stephen’s professionalism was instantly recognizable. When Stephen was teaching his portion of the class, he consistently engaged the students and kept everything interesting. Stephen is a natural. I've consulted with him regarding height-safety codes and I am always impressed by his command of countless regulations governing our industry. It's very comforting to know that I can reach out to Stephen for honest and sincere answers to anything on the subject.
by Bob Garland

Personal Connection

by Bob Garland

Stephen Pike was on our site to provide training for a group representing diverse backgrounds, cultures, language, and expertise….What I witnessed was real learning as Stephen was the conduit that enabled a personal connection by the participants who truly grasped the importance of the training to their own safety and well-being. While legislative compliance was indeed accomplished, the real winners were the workers who left the sessions with not only the knowledge to work safely, but more importantly, the understanding of their vital role in ensuring their safe return to their families after the work was done. Needless to say,​ we have welcomed Stephen back to our site since for training sessions with other workers that provided equally impressive results.